When is AI taking over _my_ job? - Edinburgh 2018

A presentation at DevOpsDays Edinburgh in in Edinburgh, UK by Sasha Rosenbaum

When infrastructure automation concepts were first introduced, many IT professionals worried about automating themselves out of a job. But as we are dealing with our day to day challenges, Artificial Intelligence is making progress, achieving human parity in many areas of expertise. As AI is changing retail, healthcare, finance, manufacturing and even creative arts, is it time to ask when it is going to arrive in IT?

In this talk, I will overview the definitions of AI, ML and Deep Learning, the differences between AI and traditional programming and the relative difficulty of tasks that could be solved by AI. I will discuss the incredible progress that was made in the field in recent decades, and review which types of jobs are less likely to be taken over by machines. Finally, I will discuss the ethical problems rising from the ubiquitous use of AI and present prominent researchers’ predictions of how the future of humanity might unfold as AI continues to evolve.


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