A presentation at Seattle DevOps Meetup in in Seattle, WA, USA by Sasha Rosenbaum

Have you ever procrastinated doing research about that new security feature in Kubernetes, beating yourself up for being lazy the entire time?

Have you ever delayed opening a PR, fearing that your code wasn’t good enough to pass the code review?

Have you ever said “I’m just not good at… math / coding / public speaking / networking…” and given up on a goal?

If so, this talk is for you.

We will discuss what a “growth mindset” is and how it could turn around a huge 45-year-old enterprise like Microsoft.

We will walk through the steps and pitfalls of the journey from a lifetime of “fixed mindset” to “growth mindset” based on my personal experience, and the experience of the entire organization, and what steps you could take to get there.


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